We draw from the towns of Suffield, Windsor Locks, East Granby, Granby and Hartland but are a family nonetheless. Run strictly by volunteers who love the game, we are united in our desire to spread enthusiasm for football and cheerleading in all of the c

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Frequently Asked Questions - Football
Q.  Is there a tryout?
No.  A maximum of 40 football players are accepted on each team on a first come, first served basis. 
Q.  Are football players accepted with no experience?
The Jets welcome ALL interested children ages 6 to 14 regardless of experience or ability.  Historically, first year football players have enjoyed less (game) playing time as they grasp the many concepts necessary for football (positions, plays, techniques).   As a contact sport, football inherently brings great risk of injury.  Special consideration is always given to safety – not only of the player at hand, but of teammates who rely on one another for their own safety as well.  Football players typically develop within two year cycles to become able players.
Q.  Do the Jets offer any off-season clinics to prepare for the season?
Yes.  We offer a late spring/early summer clinic for anyone interested in football. Players can attend any or all of the days scheduled.   The clinic provides participants an introduction to football, a sample of what practices are like and typically culminates with a flag football game and BBQ on the last day.  Check back on the website for specific dates. 
Q.  How is playing time allocated?
The Jets are one of only a handful of teams within the NCFL which adhere to a Play Time Policy (posted under “Policies”) which ensures a standard number of plays per participant based on team size and age level.  Beyond that, additional playing time is allocated based on player skill, practice, enthusiasm as well as the ability level of the opposing team.  As a contact sport, football inherently brings great risk of injury.  Special consideration is always given to safety – not only of the player at hand, but of teammates who rely on one another for their own safety as well. 
Q.  How are football players assigned to a team?
There are 4 football teams within the Jets organization.  Team assignments are based on Player Eligibility guidelines set forth by the NCFL (posted under “Policies” tab).  Guidelines are based on age as of July 1st and include maximum weights for each division.  The divisions are as follows:
            A Team 12-13 yrs.
            B Team 10-11 yrs.
            C Team 8-9 yrs.
            D Team 6-7 yrs.   
Q.  What is the practice schedule?
Beginning in August, practice runs Monday thru Thursday, 6:00 – 7:30 PM.  D squad players will practice only 3 times per week during the month of August (Tues., Wed., Fri.).  The practice schedule is abbreviated to a 3-day schedule for all squads once school starts.  Practice days are typically on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 6:00 – 7:30 PM but may change on a weekly basis once we move to the Suffield High School turf field.  Every attempt is made to give as much advance notice of practice schedules as possible.  Occasional weekend practices are held at the coach’s discretion.    
Q.  Where do the Jets practice?
August practices are held behind Suffield Middle School in the field inside of the track.  Practices are moved to the turf field at Suffield High School once it starts to get darker earlier.   
Q.  Do parents need to attend practices?
Parents need to attend practices in the event of an injury. While this request necessitates a huge commitment on the part of parents, it is important given the nature of football (contact sport). Some parents have found it helpful to set up schedules whereby each parent attends one night of practice and is responsible for any needs that may arise for the children within that group. If this option works for your family we encourage its use but ask that your child be aware of who is responsible for them on each given practice day.
Q.  Is it necessary to attend all summer practices?
Summer practices are designed to condition as well as to teach plays, positions and skills not only in preparation for the upcoming season, but more importantly for improved player safety.  Players who have not attended summer practices risk injury not only to themselves but to their teammates as well.  Specific family issues should be discussed with the head coach at the start of the season. 
Q.  What equipment is provided for each football player? 
Each football player will be issued game pants, home and away game jerseys, game day socks, full pads, shoulder pads, rib pads and helmet (with chin strap).
Q.  What does each football player need to buy in order to participate?
Each player should purchase cleats, girdle, mouthpiece (don't forget to mold these, follow package directions), athletic supporter and practice jersey.  Additionally, many players have found it helpful to purchase additional practice pants (easier with pads included) and their own chinstrap.  Limited “Retired” Jets game jerseys will be available for purchase ($5 per) at the first day of practice.  They make great practice jerseys.  Please note that game jerseys/uniforms may not be worn for practice.
Q.  What does each football player need to bring the first day of practice?
Football players will need to bring only sneakers/cleats, shorts, t-shirt and plenty of water for the first week as they acclimate to the heat and conditioning. During week two, practice pants, pads and helmets will be handed out. Game day uniforms will be handed out prior to the first game.
Q.  What are “weigh-ins”?
Weigh-ins are a mandatory requirement for all football players in order to participate in games. The Saturday one week prior to the first game of the season, players are sent to designated locations (by division) and weighed in observance of each town’s head coach.  Each player must not exceed maximum weights set by the NCFL Eligibility Requirements (click here for chart).  While cumbersome, weigh-ins are a proven necessary "evil" for holding each team accountable to the weight requirements and ensuring the safety of players.  Players missing weigh-ins will be ineligible to participate in the first two games of the season and must be weighed at both of those games before being permitted to play.
Q.  What is the “Jamboree”?
The Jamboree is an end of year, “Day of Football”, for D Team players held instead of playoffs.  Every D Team within the league attends and players participate in a total of 6 games lasting 20 minutes each (10 min. each offense and defense).  Typically the event is held the first Saturday following the end of regular season play.