We draw from the towns of Suffield, Windsor Locks, East Granby, Granby and Hartland but are a family nonetheless. Run strictly by volunteers who love the game, we are united in our desire to spread enthusiasm for football and cheerleading in all of the c

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Suffield, CT
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Official ByLaws of the NCFL (Northern Connecticut Football League). Documents include all town information, game schedules, policies, documents, etc.

Parents' or Guardians' Code of Ehics-Appendix D of NCFL BYLAWS
Players' Code of Ethics - Appendix E of NCFL BYLAWS
Coaches' Code of Ethics- Appendix F of NCFL BYLAWS




Official ByLaws of Jets Youth Football and Cheerleading.

http://files.LeagueAthletics.com/Images/Club/12436/JETS YFC ByLaws 2012.docx


Squad Age Date Range Max. Weight
A* 12-13 yrs. Player born on 7/1/00 up through 6/30/02 185 lbs.
B 10-11 yrs. Player born on 7/1/02 up through 6/30/04 145 lbs.
C 8-9 yrs. Player born on 7/1/04 up through 6/30/06 120 lbs.
D 6-7 yrs. Player born on 7/1/06 up through 6/30/08 105 lbs.
*No freshman; 14 year old 8th graders ONLY in cheer.  


The Jets Youth Football Organization welcomes ALL interested children ages 6 to 14 regardless of experience or ability. Our goals are to teach; instill core values of discipline, respect, teamwork; to grow confidence; and ultimately, to develop players who love the game of football. These goals are executed within a framework that recognizes various constraints relating to participation in a contact sport. As competitors in the Northern Connecticut Football League, these constraints include safety and varied player development both physically and by ability level. Taking all of these factors into consideration, The Jets Board mandates minimum playing requirements, by squad, to ensure playing time for all participants while allowing ample flexibility for coaching discretion.

The following are MUST play minimums per player, by squad, by squad size. Squad size is determined by the number of eligible players (in attendance, weighed-in and physically able to play) on each given game day rather than the actual full roster. During playoff games, A team only will follow a SHOULD play rule rather than MUST.

A 4 plays regardless of team size
B 6 plays <23 players; 4 plays for 23+ players
C 8 plays <23 players; 6 plays for 23+ players
D 10 plays <23 players; 8 plays for 23+players
ALL PLAYERS on D squad will START within the season

All plays include special teams.

Mandatory play time is, however, dependent upon attendance at practices. Players missing more than 1 unexcused practice per week will not start in the first series. Players missing more than 2 unexcused practices per week have no mandatory play requirements within that game.

Additionally, specific concerns regarding behavior or safety may result in the loss of mandatory play time. These concerns must be addressed with players/parents by the coach prior to games.

To best ensure the above mandates are met, a “play counter” will submit records to the Coaching Coordinator. The Coaching Coordinator will discuss any violations of the policy with the Head Coach making appropriate recommendations to the board based on the severity of the offense. Concerns, questions and issues, whether covered herein or yet to be revealed regarding play time, will be overseen by the Coaching Coordinator with final decisions determined by the board.

In order to facilitate open dialogue and to avoid conflicts of interest, the President, Vice-President and Coaching Coordinator positions WILL NOT be held by the Head Coach of any squad. Should the occasion arise where a qualified Head Coach cannot be found, the board may elect to approve a volunteer to fill both roles for that given scenario.